Precious Metal Clay Tutorials

Fine silver PMC leaf brooch

Rolling and Cutting Precious Metal Clay

This pin pictured above is made from a flat rolled piece of Precious Metal Clay. Many excellent designs are created flat, then assembled or shaped later. This lesson is how to create a flat piece from PMC. The PMC standard way of measuring is using playing cards. So for this lesson you will need some […]

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Featured Metal Clay Books

Working with Precious Metal Clay

Starting Your Precious Metal Clay Library

If you are just starting your Precious Metal Clay reference library, or you want to give a good gift to someone that you know who is a PMC artist, my favorite book for new PMC artists is still Working with Precious Metal Clay by PMC Master Tim McCreight. This is not the newest book on […]

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Metal Clay Tools

Buying a Precious Metal Clay Studio Set Up

I thought that we could do some imaginary shopping today with this post. Just for fun. Here is the assignment: If you had $1000 to spend on setting up a Precious Metal Clay studio, what would you buy? Here is a link to shop for Precious Metal Clay materials at Delphi Glass to spend your […]

PMC kiln

Where to Buy a PMC Kiln

If you are serious about working with Precious Metal Clay, then you need to buy a kiln. If you want to save money, sometimes you can find a great PMC kiln on eBay. If you want to buy a new kiln, I recommend going to Rio Grande. The reason I recommend Rio Grande is that […]

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