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Add Texture to Precious Metal Clay

Just finished another new article about how to add texture to Precious Metal Clay with some ideas of what you can use to add the texture. To read the entire article, follow this link. Click Here for our Precious Metal Clay Books and Tools Store.

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Metal Clay for Jewelry Makers

Metal Clay for Jewelry Makers: The Complete Technique Guide

One of the newest books on the market, this is a wonderful guide to working with metal clay for jewelry making. Metal clay can be used to make home decor accessories or small sculptures, but usually it is used as part of a jewelry piece. This new book touches on all of the techniques for […]

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Metal Clay Tools

Liver of Sulphur

Using Liver of Sulphur to Oxidize Precious Metal Clay

Liver Of Sulphur is the most often used oxidation method for silver including Precious Metal Clay. Liver Of Sulphur is a sulphur product, so beware, it has a sulphur smell. For beginners, I recommend buying the Liver Of Sulphur already mixed in a bottle. Once you get experienced, you can buy it in a dry […]

Durabull Rotary Tumbler

What Do You Do After Firing PMC?

Finishing your fired Precious Metal Clay piece: Once you have cooled off your piece, it is time to decide how you want to finish it. In this post, I am going to discuss how to polish the piece with the assumption that you want a matte or shiny finish, but no oxidation. When you remove […]

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