Precious Metal Clay Tutorials

Green finished metal clay

Green Finishing Your PMC

Green finishing your Precious Metal Clay piece is just as important as what you do when the piece is still wet, maybe more important. PMC cannot be green finished until the clay is totally dry. Look for areas on your piece that are rough. Even if your piece is supposed to have some roughness, remember […]

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Featured Metal Clay Books

Metal Clay for Jewelry Makers

Metal Clay for Jewelry Makers: The Complete Technique Guide

One of the newest books on the market, this is a wonderful guide to working with metal clay for jewelry making. Metal clay can be used to make home decor accessories or small sculptures, but usually it is used as part of a jewelry piece. This new book touches on all of the techniques for […]

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Metal Clay Tools

Metal clay starter kit

New Source for Precious Metal Clay

I want to pass on some information that I just learned to you to let you know about a new source for Precious Metal Clay. The source is a company that specializes in glass which can be used in conjunction with PMC3, but I didn’t know that they also carried the PMC products. The name […]

Buy Precious Metal Clay Kits

Precious Metal Clay kits for PMC enthusiasts. Pmc3 Assortment Price: 76.95 PMC3 clay, paste and syringe work beautifully together to create pure silver works of art. Buy the assortment and save 20%. An excellent value and convenience, giving you artistic freedom in PMC. PMC3 is a lower firing PMC and ideal when firing wi… Pmc3 […]

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